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Which hydrogen stations were drivers intending to rely on at the time they decided to buy or lease a FCV?

How did their set of stations change over time?

To what extent did drivers list all stations that were (a) publicly available, (2) near their home, and (3) on their way, at the time of adoption, and what were common characteristics of stations that satisfied these criteria but not listed by drivers.

Online revealed preference survey, GIS analysis, statistics



Kelley et al. 2020.  Journal of Transport Geography.


Krafft et al. 2020. Transportation Research Record.


Kelley et al. 2021. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

How do early adopters describe in their own words how they decided to buy or lease a FCV?

Ethnographic interviews, content analysis

Greater Los Angeles


Lopez et al. 2019. Transportation Research Record.

What decision process do potential early adopters use to decide whether or not to get a FCV?

Ethnographic decision tree modelling


n=25 first round

second round ongoing

Stotts et al. 2021. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Where should HRSs be planned to maximize early adoption of FCVs according to industry stakeholders?

Geodesign workshop

Greater Hartford, Connecticut

17 stakeholders participated

Rinebold et al. 2019 (report)

Lopez et al. 2021. Energies.

Which optimal station location approach produces a map for an initial station network most preferred by drivers from across a metropolitan region?

Online and in-person stated preference survey, GIS analysis, statistics

Greater Hartford, Connecticut


Finished data collection and cleaning. 

What are the key takeaways for industry from this NSF study? All of the above. All of the above. All of the above. Kelley et al. 2020. Johnson Matthey Technology Review.